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Safety Now

Online Enrollment   

Touchless Attendance

Digital Daily Reports

Save Teacher Time

Reduce Paperwork

Simplify Documentation

Since 2004 EasyFolios has been serving Early Childhood Centers with software services to connect Parents, Teachers and Students.  Founded by John Samuel and George Simon, EasyFolios is based in Seattle, WA.   EasyFolios mission, 

Inspire Teachers

Inform Parents

Celebrate Children   ​

EasyFolios solution is the easiest way for teachers to share photos, videos and notes with parents.  Parents are fully updated with real time notifications on their phones.

Capturing moments for portfolios and sharing with parents has never been easier.  Learn more about getting started.

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Stretching  preschool dollars...

  only $30 / month


Connecting Parents, Teachers and Directors.  Daily student eReports and touch free sign-in and sign-out.  Sharing notes, observations, photos and videos.  Your preschool community.

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