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  1. contactless attendance

  2. CDC health screening and temperature records

  3. digital daily reports

  4. digital incident reports

  5. centralized alerts and SMS

Why look into contactless and digital reports during a pandemic?

Because smart software can help keep our students, parents and teachers safe.  

Will the Free Trial require changes to our existing school software?

No changes to your existing software and childcare management.  Just eliminating avoidable contact and ensuring safe distancing.   

Do we need new computers?

No added expenditures.  Our apps run on your existing internet enabled devices - computers, tablets and phones.

What will EasyFolios SAFETY NOW cost after the Free Trial?

Depending on the number of children at your school, between $25 - $75 per month.

How to start the EasyFolios SAFETY NOW Free Trial?

Simply complete the Contact form below and we'll send you an Access Code to get started.


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